✨The Confident One's✨
✨The Confident One's✨
Shanoria My Wife Coach

Welcome to ✨The Confident One's✨

The Sisterhood that cares for those who spend so much time caring for others.

About Me

I am Shanoria, a wife, mom, lover of God and a Certified Neuro-Transformational Wife Coach +  Wellness Advocate holding a Masters in Public Administration. 

Simply put, I am OBSESSED with helping ladies AVOID the heartbreak and pain I experienced while navigating the dating world. I now dedicate my days to cultivating a supportive community of intentional Wives who desire to sustain their love for life! 

But I don't leave my single ladies out! I am the creator of the premier group coaching experience Before Boaz™wherein both married AND unmarried women learn exactly how to know and love SELF before they love someone else.

Any Wife who has completed Before Boaz™ would tell you, THIS EXPERIENCE can truly turn things around in your marriage. After completing Before Boaz™ ladies lives are TRANSFORMED and they never return to the mess of settling for less!

There’s not a woman ALIVE who doesn’t need what I PROVIDE!

Why You Should Join Me

If you are ready to level up in Life, Love, and MONEY, then you belong here Honey!

A Big Thanks

I truly give all honor to God for all He is doing in my life and in the lives of all the ladies in Before Boaz™! May we never be the same!